About The Minnesota Gopher State

Horseshoe Pitchers Association



The MGSHPA (or Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers' Association) was created to promote, foster and develop the game of horseshoe pitching both as a competitive sport and recreational pastime, provide the proper facilities and ensure the continued growth and existence of the horseshoe game.



The MGSHPA has an established constitution and a board of directors, as well as several assistant officers and regional directors. We are a charter of the National Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association (NHPA). There are over 30 sanctioned clubs around the state and well over hundreds of members. Our membership is the largest in the country both in adult and junior members. A state tournament is held every year on Labor Day weekend to determine the best pitchers in each classification.



The MGSHPA has numerous advertised open tournaments held throughout the year. Some are held indoors during the winter, but most are held outdoors from April through September. Our clubs also conduct “club only” tournaments as qualifying events for our state tournament and for world tournaments. The tournament schedule is advertised in the Ringer Digest, an online magazine about Minnesota horseshoe activities published six times per year.